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Today in Island History
1883 "The gold fever is striking hard here," a West Prince observer writes the Examiner. Traces of gold and silver have been found at Cape Wolfe. Now everybody thinks they've found more: at Souris, in Tignish, on Rustico Island. But PEI is no gold mine.
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About the Collections

The provincial collection includes a wide range of artifacts which are representative of the human and natural heritage of Prince Edward Island.  See the Natural History page!

Have a look at this link to view a few of the items in the Provincial Collection.'INSNAME+EQ+''PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND MUSEUM AND HERITAGE FOUNDATION'' AND IMAGE=''X'' ')&upp=0

The Island Imagined is an online collection of historic maps of Prince Edward Island. The collection features maps, atlases, books, images, and documents from the Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office, the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation, and the Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island.  You may find the site very useful!

Postcard Collection

Our postcard collection is an example of the range of artifacts in our collection.
View the collection on Flickr

Sorensen Spearpoint

This spearpoint (pictured to the right) is the oldest man-made object ever discovered in Prince Edward Island. 

Sorensen Spearpoint The PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation now holds this stone spear point, believed to be more than 11,000 years old. It was discovered by the late Aage Sorensen in the 1930s while digging potatoes in Tryon.

Collections of Government and Community Partners

Take an online tour of Prince Edward Island's rich history thanks to our partners.