Book Launch: Adventures of an Island cat named BRUPP

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Starting Date:
2023 May 21 — 2:00 PM
End Date:
2023 May 21 — 4:00 PM

Location: Beaconsfield Carriage House - hosted by BOOKMARK

Adventures of an Island cat named BRUPP follows the odyssey of the Prince Edward Island cat who sets out to see the world. Island author Deirdre Kessler will launch a one-volume edition that includes all the previously published Brupp-the-cat novels as well as a new, never-before-published story: Brupp and the Milk River Orphans. It is Deirdre’s 18th book for young readers. Adventures of an Island cat named BRUPP is illustrated by Cecily Donnelly. 
At the launch, Deirdre will read from the new book and there will be a sing-along of Brupp songs. Brupp fans know that the Island’s most famous cat not only keeps an imaginary diary, he also makes up songs. Deirdre will bring her trusty guitar and song sheets for all.  As well, participants will make up a group poem about cats and do quick sketches of a favourite cat (real or fictional). There will be cat-shaped cookies and a display of artwork of the original Brupp books.