Victorian-Era Séance Reenactments at Beaconsfield

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Starting Date:
2022 Oct 14 — 5:30 PM
End Date:
2022 Oct 14 — 6:30 PM

Join us in October at Beaconsfield Historic House for a Victorian-era séance performance. Visitors will experience a reenactment of the sort of séances once hosted by 19th-century spirit mediums and experience some of the tricks and illusions that enchanted audiences of the past. This participatory history performance will be followed by a talk-back where visitors can ask questions, learn more about the impact these ghostly events had on Victorians, and discover how some of the tricks were accomplished. 

Not only is this program sure to be educational and entertaining, but it is also the first time that the Foundation will pull back the exhibition ropes to our beautiful double drawing-room and invite guests to take a seat around the table for the evening's immersive events. 

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A black and white photo of a severe looking woman sits at a table in front of an old fireplace which is adorned with candlesticks.  Her hands are resting on the table.