Some of Provincial heritage sites are now closed for the season.  Please check site pages for more information.  

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2 children and one adult looking at an artifact in a plexiglass display at the Acadian Museum's Archeological exhibition
Events and Exhibits
An event hosted at Beaconsfield Carriage House. There are 3 speakers on the main stage, as well as attendees sitting on rows looking at the stage.
Public Events at Carriage House
Old black and white photo showing outside of Kensington Station
Kensington Locomotive
Exterior of Acadian Museum
Acadian Museum
Exterior of Basin Head Fisheries Museum by the ocean
Basin Head Fisheries Museum
Exterior and garden of Beaconsfield Historic House
Beaconsfield Historic House
An Exhibit inside of Elmira Railway Museum
Elmira Railway Museum
Quilts of Covid exhibit at Eptek Art & Culture Centre
Eptek Art and Culture Centre
Exterior of Yeo House at Green Park Shipbuilding Museum
Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and Yeo House
Staff in Victorian-era costume feeding calf at Orwell Corner Historic Village
Orwell Corner Historic Village